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last update
RM-6b: RM-6 Main Processor PCB CB0202-3 (342KB) 07 Jan 2004
S29kbd: S29 Keyboard Remote Keyboard available for SR-6 S29, or Sr-4 GPI Inputs (13KB) 13 July 2006
SRMICRO-E: SR Micro PCB as used in SR-4, SR-24.. CB9601-B-4 (342KB) 29/07/2003
Mother Board for Rack products (BS1/2, MC-1, FC-1, TC-1, TG-1/2...) (16KB) 20/07/2010
MR5X: Expansion PCB for SR-24/MR-5..(Both A and B Versions) (55KB) 2/10/2007
SRGPI1.pdf: GPI connections (20KB) 08/11/2005
SRGPI2.pdf: GPI connections (20KB) 16/06/2003
LCDKBD-2: LCD & Keyboard driver CB9805-A-2 (28KB) 29/07/2002
DFCKBD: DFC/12K keyboard CB9802-B1 (104KB) 29/07/2002
GRANKEY: 24 Track Arming keyboard, DFC, 12K .. CB9702-A-2 (28KB) 29/07/2002
SR24 KEYBOARD: SR-24 Keyboard (First issue) CB9712-3-A (96KB) 29/07/2002
SR4 KEYBOARD: SR-4 Keyboard (Second issue) CB9507-B-4 (96KB) 29/07/2002
Euphonix/Octagon KEYBOARD: Euphonix Keyboard CB9807-A-1 (154KB) 29/11/2005
MRH-24/48 Parallel to serial interface (96KB) 10/Nov/2005
RM-6 Front panel (60KB) 21/May/2003
New Rack Front Panel (BS-1, MC-1, VS-1.... (90KB) 14/June/2006
Filmcode PCB: Original Filmcoder Biphase card (49KB) 29/07/2002
Filmcode PCB: New Filmcoder Biphase card CB8802-A-7 (55KB) 29/07/2002
FC-1 Manual Diagrams: (63KB) 29/07/2002
PSU PCB: New Power Supply card 97062-B-3 (32KB) 04/07/2003
Timecode Reader/Gen PCB: used in VS-1, TC-1, IS-1 CB8601-A-4 (60KB) 04/07/2003
Microd PCB: New Processor card CB9201-6 (52KB) 07/08/2002
GD-1 Giant Display: Micro + PSU PCB, LED PCB, 7 segment PCB (44KB) 29/11/2005
"LD-1 2U Display: single PCB (55KB) 29/11/2005

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