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Photo of USB-422

Buy Online - USB-422 and USB-422V are available Ex-Stock
All prices include delivery by courier 1-3 days depending on location, UK sales with VAT, EU Sales with/without VAT, "Rest of World" without VAT
If you Select "Europe Excluding VAT" you must email your VAT/TVA Number, Company Name and Address or include it with your order
Please include your telephone number for the courier
USB-422 for DAW's including Avid, Pyramix... USB-422 USA ONLY USB-422v for Mosaic/Joker
Destination UK/UK/World
Destination UK/EU/World
English Manuals and Data Sheets Français
USB422 Information sheet on USB-422 Dual RS422 port for DAW's USB422
USB422V Information sheet on USB-422V Dual RS422 port with GPIO and Bi-level/Tri-Level Video Reference input USB422V
USB422 Manual for USB-422 Dual RS422 port for DAW's
USB422v Manual for USB-422v Dual RS422 port for Systems that require Video Sync Input and/or GPIO In/Out (CBServer3/Mosaic)
ptcontroller.pdf (457KB) Information sheet on using Protools as a controller to the RM-6 (For example in the Icon)
30 June 2009

ptdevice.pdf (457KB) Information sheet on using Protools as a device to the RM-6 (For example as the dubber)
30 June 2009

AX24_to_CB_USB422.pdf (39KB) Information sheet on using the USB-422 with the DAD AX24
29 March 2011

Windows Test Software
usb422.msi Windows Test software comprising of a remote control and a virtual machine,record arming commands. Test panels for USB422V video input and GPIO. Controller now has copy clipboard and locate from clipboard commands. Now will only open and close ports that are visible (used to enable one port at a time).separate open/close button on each port
22 Nov 2013 Alternative Windows Test software comprising of a remote control and a virtual machine,record arming commands. Not as fast but easier to use
5 Aug 2015
Mac Test Software S/W to measure the latency of the serial connection Mac Universal binary Test software comprising of a remote control and a virtual machine,record arming commands.
22 March 2009
Windows/Mac/Linux Drivers
FTDI VCP Driver Page The FT2232 chipset is used, the latest drivers may be found on the FTDI site
Mavericks/Yosemite Use version 2.3 or later, also see the information in 'mac latency.pdf' below on how to disable the apple driver
Mac Lion/Mountain lion The disk image includes drivers for Mac OS X 10.3 and for 10.4 to 10.9 (disk image version 2.2.18 or later).
The downloaded disk image contains two installer packages, please use the package named FTDIUSBSerialDriver_10_4_10_5_10_6_10_7.mpkg.
Usage with OS X Mountain Lion (10.8, and 10.9) This package can also be installed under OS X Mountain Lion.
If you see a warning during installation that the package has not been purchased from the Appstore and that the developer cannot be verified, the reason is that the package has not yet been signed by the manufacturer. You may install the package nonetheless by right clicking on the package (or Ctrl Click). Then select "Open" from the context menu.
Low Latency Mac Driver
mac latency.pdf (34KB) Updated April 6th 2017, Instuctions on installing and setting the MAC low latency driver including extra procedure required for Mavericks and Yosemite, El capitan, Sierra and High Sierra Latence avec un Mac
MacHighSierra.pdf (134KB) Updated March 28th 2018, Instuctions on disabling SIP on Mac Sierra and High Sierra (Thanks to Jonathan Martins for the concise information, and to Alicja Golianek for testing on High Sierra) OS Mac Sierra
KextDrop Direct link to KextDrop installation program "MacLow2p2p17.kext" Signed 32/64 bit FTDI Driver modified for Low Latency "MacLow2p3.kext" Signed 64 bit FTDI Driver modified for Low Latency (Yosemite, Mavericks, Sierra, High Sierra)

you may download WinZip95 here


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