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* TMC-1-MMP1 * Click for details on the TMC-1-Penta for use with the Yamaha MMP1
* TMC-1-Penta * Click for details on the TMC-1-Penta for use with the NTP Penta/DAD AX32, Avid MTRX
* TMC-1-DMon * Click for details on the TMC-1-DMon for use with the Trinnov D-Mon
* TMC-1-AMon * Click for details on the TMC-1-Amon and A-Mon
* TMC-1-IMon * for use with the CB Electronics I-Mon
* TMC-1-XMon * Click here for details on the TMC-1-XMon for use with the Avid XMon

* New OSC Remote Control for the TMC-1 *
The TMC-1 is now interfaced to OSC (Open Sound Control), this allows users to control te TMC-1 from mobile phones or Tablets. CB have written a template for the TMC-1-Penta, A-Mon and XMon using TouchOSC, the touchOSC app for iOS or Android is available for $5 from the appropriate App store. You can also download the TouchOSC editorand design your own layouts.
To find out more visit Colin's Blog Open Sound Control for the TMC-1
You can experiment now by downloading the TouchOSC Editor and the following information pack 23 May 2018 Cotains manual, templatess, and tablet_support.stl design for 3d printer
TouchOSC downloads page at

Screen shots of some of the sample pages that you can customise
OSC output OSC Palette OSC main

Owen Curtin talking about the TMC-1 in a Stereo enviroment

Design Considerations
The TMC-1 is available for both analog and digital systems,
Analog: Avid XMon, CB I-Mon, CB A-Mon and CB XPand
Digital: Avit MTRX, DAD AX32/ NTP Penta 720, Trinnov D-Mon and Ashly Ne8800, Yamaha MMP1

We have four main objectives when we started to designing the TMC-1 remote
1) Make the best possible monitor control interface, suitable for Stereo, 5.1 and 7.1
2) Provide a unified user interface for all systems, large and small.
3) Include Talkback, Listen back, and cue sends
4) Include automation features for ADR and ISDN/Source_Connect

Every user is different and works in a different enviroment, for this reason most of the keys are user programable so that they functions you need are available on the main page. The keys may be programed on the TMC-1 or using a separate Mac/Windows program that allows you to save and recall different setups.

TMC-1V5 Configuration Software

TMC-1 Keys TMC-1 Names

** New ** Preset page to allow simple save and recall of up to 6 presets
** New ** Calibration Page

Software and Documentation Package ( Firmware, Windows and Mac Software, pdf documentation) Setup program (Win/Mac) for use with TMC-1 software after 1st March 2018
Updated 20th March 2018 Update setup program (Win/Mac) for use with TMC-1 software after 22nd March 2017
Now includes cocoa version for latest OS-X March 2018 OSC Documentation and sample files for TouchOSC Use Midiupd (Mac or Windows) to update the TMC-1 firmware via USB Port
English Manuals and Data Sheets Français
TMC-1 Information Sheet (296KB) Two page information sheet on the TMC-1
Informations TMC-1
TMC-1Reference.pdf (2096KB) TMC-1 Reference Guide
Release 6.0 Last Update 14th Sept 2018
Manuel TMC-1 de ReferenceV7
TMC-1 SPL Calibration.pdf (19KB) Copy from the TMC-1 Reference Guide describing how to calibrate the TMC-1 speakers

Calibration des niveaux d'écoute
TMC-1 Configuration Guide.pdf (676KB) TMC-1 Configuration Guide
Release 1.0
TMC-1 Guide de configuration
TMC-1 Programming Guide.pdf Step by step programming instructions
Mise à jour pour: TMC-1, A-Mon et XPand
TFT_Display.pdf TFT displays are fragile and can develop faults, we have displays that have worked for years without problems and displays that go wrong after a few months. This pdf file explains how to replace the TFT screen and/or the TFT driver pcb. Replacement TFT displays and driver boards are available from your dealer or from directly from CB Electronics. Mise à jour pour: TMC-1, A-Mon et XPand
midiclass.pdf (257KB) What to do if the TMC-1 driver does not show up in your computer.

Links to related pages
tmc1penta.html Details on the TMC-Penta for NTP Penta 720, DAD AX32 and Avid MTRX
amon.html Details on the A-Mon Analogue Monitor Controler for Atmos, 7.1, 5.1 and Stereo
xpand.html Details XPand, Atmos or Auro expansion for XMon or A-Mon

you may download WinZip95 here

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CB Electronics
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or Email Support
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