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TFT Monitor Control for Trinnov D-Mon

Drawing of TMC-1
TMC-1-S6 module for S6 (knob size module)
Drawing of TMC-1-S6

Design Consideraltions
The TMC-1 is available for four different systems, the Avid XMon, DAD AX32, the Trinnov DMon and CB A-Mon.
We have four main objectives when we started to designing the TMC-1 remote
1) Make the best possible monitor control interface
2) Provide a unified user interface for all systems, large and small.
3) Include Talkback, Listen back, and cue sends
4) Include automation features for ADR and ISDN
The Trinnov D-Mon provides a integrated Monitoring and Room equalisation solution, with the TMC-1 interface and software you can control the D-Mon efficiently.
The D-Mon must be setup to match the TMC-1 framework, you can then define your own input and outputs, anything that can be controlled from the Web Interface can be controlled from the TMC-1.
* Also available TMC-XMon for Avid XMon
* Click here to see details on the TMC-1-Penta for use with the NTP Penta/ DAD AX32
Special features of this controller include
* ADR-style control of Talkback, Listen-back, Studio L/S and Control Room L/S from play and record GP Inputs or LTC and MTC inputs.
* Stem style monitoring with up to 6 stems each of which can be up to 12 channels wide.
* Monitoring of all cue sends
* Studio playback of any input

TMC-1 Configuration Software

TMC-1 Keys

Buy Online - TMC-1-DMon on 2 week delivery

Please check for a local distributer before ordering direct
All prices include delivery by courier 1-3 days depending on location, VAT is included for UK Sales, EU Sales are with/without VAT, no VAT is charged or "Rest of World" but you may have to pay local import charges.
If you Select "Europe Excluding VAT" you must email your VAT/TVA Number, Company Name and Address or include it with your order
Please include your telephone number for the courier.
TMC-1-DMon TMC-1-DMon-S6
Destination UK / EU / World
Destination UK / EU / World
TMC-1-DMon Firmware
tmc1-dmon-18316.bin March 2018 - Updated for use with TMC-1v5 software, requires DMon s/w after rev checked on DMon-8 rev
tmc1-dmon-17613.bin 13 June 2017 - Updated for use with current TMC-1v4 software, checked on DMon-8 rev 4.2.0
tmc1-dmon-17314.bin 14 March 2017 - Updated for use with current TMC-1v3 software
English Manuals and Data Sheets Français
TMC-1-DMon User Guide.pdf (676KB) Use with the TMC-1 Reference below
D-Mon S/W version 4.1
Manuel TMC-1_DMon
TMC-1 Reference.pdf (676KB) TMC-1 Reference Guide
Release 4.0
User key's, Menu's, connections.
Manuel TMC-1 de ReferenceV7
Links to related pages
tmc1.html Details, common s/w and manuals for all TMC-1 Units
tmc1xmon.html Details on the TMC-1-XMon for Avid XMon
tmc1amon.html Details on the TMC-1-A-Mon for CB Electronics A-Mon
tmc1penta.html Details on the TMC-Penta for NTP Penta 720, DAD AX32 and Avid MTRX

you may download WinZip95 here


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