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Atmos/Auro upgrade for Avid XMon or CB A-Mon

Xpand Photo

Xpand Photo

Design Consideraltions
XPand is designed to provide a way for smaller studios to implement Atmos or Auro without major changes to their existing monitor system. In designing the A-Mon we made the building blocks that made XPand possible. Designed to work with the TMC-1 the XPand also works with the ICon monitor control when used with a Mac/Winows app.
XPand provides up to 8 channels in the main input and output path of the XMon or A-Mon. When used with XMon and only 4 channels are required the XPand can be used to re-assign the rear surround to side surround when switching from Atmos/7.1 to 5.1 with surround level correction.
XPand pricing (Excuding VAT and delivery), available on 2 week delivery

Please check for a local distributer before ordering direct
Xpand Only £900 Xpand + TMC-1 bundle £1,900 Xpand + TMC-1-S6 bundle £2,000

Software and Documentation Package ( Firmware, Windows and Mac Software, pdf documentation)
xpand-17b15.bin Cold Start improved 15th Nov 2017
xpand-17328.bin 17th March 2017 Improved setup program (Win/Mac) can only be used with TMC-1 software after 1st July 2016 Use midiupd (Mac or Windows) to update the XPand firmware via USB Port
English Manuals and Data Sheets Français
XPand User Guide.pdf Initial Release
Manuel  XPand
XPand-25D.pdf Individual 25pin D pinnouts for Xpand
Brochage des connecteurs Sub-D 25 XPand

Manuel de Programmation TMC-1,
A-Mon et XPand
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you may download WinZip95 here

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