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New Products

CB Electronics
The TMC-1 is available for four different systems, Avid XMon, DAD AX32/Penta 720, Trinnov D-Mon and CB A-Mon.
A-Mon Analogue Monitor Controiller for Atmos, 7.1, 5.1 and Stereo.
X-Pand Atmos / Auro upgrade for Avid XMon and CB A-Mon.
RJ45 Breakout  Box
TMC-1-XMon/A-Mon RJ45 Breakout Box


The PD-1 provides a new way to implement the 'Pec/Direct' panel concept. The solo, mute and source/playback switching are implemented within the DAW. The audio is then mixed within the workstation to generate the individual monitor feeds (LCRS...). Monitoring within the workstation reduces both cost and complexity by eliminating interconnections and hardware, for example a 48 track Pec/Direct unit would normally require a monitor mixer with 96 audio inputs!


RS422 Interface:
Slew Rate Limited RS422 drivers to minimise EMI and reduce reflections on incorrectly terminated connections. Pin-out and termination as per standard Sony connection. Port A may be configured as a Device (I/P) or as a Controller (O/P). Port B is configured as a Controller (O/P), to use as a Device a Tx/Rx invert lead must be used.
USB Interface: CB Electronics have for a number of years used USB-RS232 interfaces both with and without RS232-RS422 converters. In designing the USB422 we used the experience with many different manufactures to chose the best combination of hardware and drivers.
Drivers for Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP with MAC OS-X and Linux are all available from our web site. The USB422 windows drivers are optimised for minimum latency. When installed on Windows the port numbers are set to the last two free port numbers, this may be changed using the driver parameters.


Dual RS-422 USB Interface with Video Sync Reference & GPIO

UR422 remote

is designed as a low cost remote control for general-purpose use. The keyboard is user definable and may be configured to suit specific applications.


Windows bassed Cue List Import, Management and Download tool for use with the Video Streamer or MRADR systems. Imports from multiple file types, streamer interface, direct entry of cues on the fly....


Windows bassed Cue List preparation tool, fast easy preparation of cue lists with machine control and single key capture of timecodes.

CB Server

Windows Software Suit

System overview, the first member of a suit of windows programs that may be linked to a SR/MR/RM system is now available. This provides a full system overview complete with track arming and offset capability runing under windows.

Timecode Generator Chip

A new Timecode Generator chip is available for all SR/MR/RM systems, This chip corrects two bugs found in the previous generation of generators, locking in reverse and occasional muting when switching directly between reverse play and forward play.


RS-422 Controlled DVD Player

Now with improved Jog performance! see data sheet for further details

The Pioneer V7300D DVD is a well proven industrial DVD player with two unique features, 1) Lock to external video syncs, 2) RS232 Control. The advent of consumer DVD recorders for the transfer bay makes the DVD as simple to use as Beta or U-matic.

The combination of the P2DVD interface and the Pioneer DVD player can replace U-Matic's and Beta's as a controllable picture source. This combination provides the advantages of Hard disk, low maintenance cost, and instant access with the instant availability, picture quality and portability of tape.


Six port rack synchronisation unit for use with the RS422 output on Consoles and DAW's. This provides multi machine control from one RS422 Sony protocol port. An extended protocol is available allowing control of all the features.
photo of Timecode Gearbox


TIMECODE GEARBOX: Converts both standard and frame rate Any combination of 23.97 : 24 : 24.97 : 25 : 29.97 : 30 supported

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