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Generator, Reader, Converter LTC-MIDI-USB

             Drawing of TC-5

Buy Online - TC-5 - Available Ex-Stock
All prices include delivery by courier 1-3 days depending on location, UK sales with VAT, EU Sales with/without VAT, "Rest of World" without VAT
Euro and Dollar prices are approximate and will depend on current exchange rates
If you Select "Europe Excluding VAT" you must email your VAT/TVA Number, Company Name and Address or include it with your order
Please include your telephone number for the courier
TC-5 TC-5 with Real Time Clock
Destination UK / EU / World
Destination UK / EU / World
English Manuals and Data Sheets Français
TC-5 Information Sheet (296KB) Two page information sheet on the TC-5
Informations TC-5
TC-5.pdf (257KB) Manual for the TC-5
0/April/2016 GPO Events added
12/October/2011 Menu updated
Manuel TC-5
tc-5-config.pdf (257KB) Manual for Mac/Windows configuration program

midiclass.pdf (257KB) What to do if the P2MMC-USB driver does not show up in your computer.

Firmware Latest Firmware, With Mac/Windows program and Manual tc-5.bin - Firmward update file use Mac or Windows program to update the software in the TC-5
1 April 2016 TC-5 Software Build - 10401
GPO coincidende and events added
2 DEC 2014 TC-5 Software Build - EC02
Clock added as an alternative to the RTC
15 Aug 2012 TC-5 Software Build - C815
Menu Format changed to separate Advanced features
22 November 2011 TC-5 Software Build - BB24
LTC and MTC Phase Measurment Added
Bug Fix:
Support for HD 50p, 59.97P and 60P added
17 October 2011 Update:
Biphase menu changed to be 45, 50, 240, 250Hz
29 September 2011 Update:
Biphase input added and menu updates
29 September 2011 Bug Fix:
Dropframe Flag on LTC Output Atmel ELF Programming file for Atmel-Dragon and Atmel-JTAGICE
Windows Software
- Last update 1st April 2016 Windows Configuration and software update Program for TC-5, Version 0.2. Windows firmware update Program, Version 0.2. TC-5 Device Name Driver for Windows.
The TC-5 uses the Windows Midi Class driver, this displays all devices as "Audio Device", Although not necessary, this driver file converts the name displayed to "TC-5"
Includes pdf instalation details
Mac Software
- Last update 1st April 2016 Intel Mac OSX configuration and software update Program for TC-5, Version 0.1.
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