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Photo of TFT-422

English Manuals and Data Sheets Français
TFT-422 Manual TFT-422 Manual Manuel TFT-422
TFT-422 Firmware
Not Yet Available TFT-422 Firmware
Windows and Mac TFT-422 Configuration and Firmware Update GUI
All the keys on the TFT-422 may be defined indiviually using the configuation tool. TFT-422 Software is saved in Flash Rom and can be updated using the windows/mac configuration tool via the USB port.

20th Sept 2016 - SR4XMC and Assemble Macro added
19th Aug 2015 - Keyboard save/recall routines updated
28th Jan 2015 - Key Macro Lock error mesages modified
14th Jan 2015 - Key Macro Lock error mesages added
11th Aug 2014 - New DFC-tft and UR-tft panels added with Extra Macros
23rd May 2014 - More Macros and better information
5th Nov 2013 - Mosaic Macro Added
UR422usb-win Windows configuration program
UR422usb-mac Mac-X configuration program
Windows/Mac/Linux Drivers
FTDI VCP Driver Page The FTDI USB chipset is used, the latest drivers may be found on the FTDI site
Links to related product pages
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FTDI Drivers page Mac/Windows usb serial port drivers
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you may download WinZip95 here


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