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Video Streamer VS-1    Timecode Display and Video Cueing

VS-1 pic

Our VIDEO STREAMER is a replacement for traditional methods of providing cues with film which involve pre-listen heads and chinagraph pencil wipes, punch frames, etc for visual and audio cues.
It combines all the facilities of our TCR Reader/ Generator/ Inserter to provide a powerful and flexible PostProduction Cueing System.

In addition to our standard four-video insertions derived from Timecode or Film Time/Footage conversions Streamer also generates a VIDEO WIPE in the form of a vertical which wipes across the screen and is selectable from 6 different styles.
Additionally a '3:2:1: +' NUMERIC VIDEO Count Down/Up may be selected.
An audible BEEP cue is also generated as an alternative artist cue and or musician's METRONOME.

The cues may be triggered in three different ways :-
  1. From an internal Cue List
  2. External contact closure
  3. External audio input

The internal cue list may be generated in different ways:-
  1. Capture key from timecode reader
  2. Keyboard entry on the VS-1
  3. Audio trigger from timecode reader
  4. Download from PC Compatible Computer
  5. Download from CB MR ADR system
  6. Third pary Software e.g. Black Box spotting system for DAW's

Streamer's metronome facility allows click tracks and cues to be programmed in TEMPO, defined as Frames & 1/8ths per Beat or Beats per Minute, with a resolution of 1/8th FRAME. Beats-In, (pre-roll to START CUE), is selectable from 1 to 16 beats and the speed and duration of ensuing Wipes is then determined by the TEMPO and BEATS-IN pre set for each individual cue.

The standard unit comes complete with Audio Trigger input and four Opto Isolated Inputs to facilitate Cue List generation and Wipe/Event enables from remote sources as well as a separate insertion of a Record and Lock Indication in the video.

VSO-1, Our optional Relay Pcb, provides eight assignable relay closures to trigger external events

VIDEO STREAMER's integral cue list holds up to 500 Start/Stop Loop Cues and these may be created On-The-Fly via a single key depression. Cues may be edited On-Line and the Battery Backed Cue List may also be saved to and loaded from an external PC via the 9 pin RS 232 port.

Cue lists may also be generated on an Off-Line PC, either manually or automatically using our ED-2 EDL TAKER software and loaded into Streamer for a Post session via the VS-Link software.
VS-link is a free application program supplied with the Video Streamer. The VS-Link software will accept cues in many formats including text files, EDL lists and taker files. The VS-Link software may be modified to include other standard formats as they arrive.
See also VS-Link2

CB Electronics Video Streamer has now been in production for over 17 years, during that period a number of improvements have been made. Most of these are available as upgrades to all uses. A recent addition was the windows version of the VS-Link download software that is currently available in beta form.

Buzz has documented modifications/improvements that can be made to most VS-1 units, these can be viewed at VS-1 mods which is a PDF document.

Article in Editors Guild Magazine by R.J. Kizer
Beautiful Streamers
Automatic Wipes Aid ADR Cues

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