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SA-2 Sony P2 Protocol Analyser

sa-2 (14K)

The SA-2 consists a USB hardware interface and software to run on any IBM compatible
computer running on windows 95, 98, 2000, XP. The interface box has two Sony 9 pin
female RS422 connectors and one USB connector.

sa2SonyP2Analyser (53K)

Main Features
USB Interface
No Power required, Virtual Serial Port
Bi-directional Analysis
Communications in both directions
Static display with event counters
Instant overview of operation
Decoded status display
Status, Commands, and Tallies in text
Trace file
Analysis of communications over period
Command trace
Trace Commands and Status changes
Command mode
Use to check compatibility of machine
User specified commands
Check of Non Standard Commands
On line help
Function key explanation and Sony Protocol help file
Controller and Device LEDs
Hardware activity indicators

Using the SA-2

Analysing communications between Controller and Device
In this mode [CMDS] must be DISABLED, the display shows both commands from the Controller and replies from the device.

Analysing the performance of a Device
In this mode [CMDS] must be enabled and a Controller must NOT be connected. Both Commands and status requests are generated by the SA-2 software. The Status requests may be disabled to test the system.

When checking a CB system you may email trace the communications using traceAll or Tracec and email the files to for further analysis

An upgrade from SA-1 to SA-2 is available, SA-1 must be returned

further information please visit SA-2 Downloads where you can download software, the manual and flyer

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